Adult The Window

 Upon the ever incoming ominouse high tide. The damning the damned can no longer hide.

Therefore forced by waves into a final ride. Upon the one way no return surf to suicide.



With no lifeline to hold

His soul bought and sold

No purchase to secure his balance upon the ledge

There he teeters unable from going over the edge

 No way to stall his fall

No way to stop it at all

No relent from a certain and terrifying descent

No reprieve therefore over the parapet he went

So it comes down to this

Plunging into a dark abiss

With no resistance to the persistance of gravity

And its insistance to make of him another fatality

 From a window cell on high he fell

His only way and means to his hell

The eternal vacant fall into the void of non existance

Nothing but a mess of busted bone and bloody flesh

No more than a temporary sidewalk stain

Soon washed away by the next comin' rain

To be flushed down the street down some sewer drain

A tortured reject now subject forever in hells domain



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Comments (4)

  1. morningafter7

    How frightening, black bird! I can’t decide: would that take guts, or is it a weakness? I suppose it depends on what he’s facing in real life, for death to be preferable. I’m no fan of heights!

    February 21, 2017
    1. macabre360

      I don’t know, but I think when its time to go. Its merely a formality as to how it comes about.
      Either way its a irresistible force for sure. Tell ya what I do Know though. I don’t wanna find out.

      February 22, 2017
      1. morningafter7

        Me neither ~ as grouchy as I get, I love life too much. I’m hoping for reincarnation. ;-)

        February 22, 2017
  2. wonderwall79

    Another cherished write that makes a cowpoke ponder while stoking his campfire fixin him a meal.
    Not much places to fall from here in the prairie lands although yes I concur not an act that I’ve been curious to do.
    Now sure the idea has passed me like a stranger in a crowd, to answer MA7 question if I may ma’am, well I’m not quite sure myself it is a means to an end.
    I’d rather get lost out in the badlands in an unmarked grave
    Very intriguing question
    Just thought I’d add my 2 cents
    Pleasure as always my feathered friend
    I guess throwing yourself out of a window would be pane less !!!!!
    Yeah bad pun not my best

    February 23, 2017