The Avian War. Part two:

To all my friends. Within the followin' dialogue I confess to taking a degree of liberties.

All in a most well meaning light.

I just wish to beg your parden up front should any of it fail to do just that.

Most Humbly Yours BB.

The Gathering Core


 Never before in all my time. Past, present or future. Have I ever been laid so low. That my Siren. The one and only hope that I have to hold and reason to go on. Has bid me farewell. Leaving barely a hint that we'll be again if ever she knows not when. I'm sorry all. But without the promise we've kept for so very long. What worth is it for me to be here. There's only one destiny I've ever held to. Now I find it's gone and I'm left to face this alone. Alas the fight is lost for me now before it even began.


Silly Bird. So quick to wax fatalistic. Followed with a full chorus of um hums.


 Head springing up and turning about to see if it can really be. And yet still can't believe his sorry bird eyes.


Yes you silly bird you can believe it. It's us all right. All of us.


 Shadow storm, But how? And what's more...Why?


Come now Black bird. Did you think we did not hear that same call? Did you think that by knowing of this peril to come. Not just to you and your kind. But to us and most likely ours as well. That any of us could possibly sit idly by?  Shame on you Black Bird for even entertaining such a thought.



 Shadow storm. I believe you to be the first to wing along with me at thoughts. I remember how I felt and was in over beak at the time. It was your comment that supplied the impetus for me to try to catch up and carry on still. Tis a most special feather to me indeed. And I quote.
"Thanks for visiting my shadow realm with the mark of your quill"  And it's still there.


And as to the how black bird. I speak for all us. Tiggers stepping foreward now. By the faint brush of feather behind our ear. The stakes were instantly brought to bare. For all the choice was more than clear. As each of us in turning about with a shout. Said take me there. And so here we are.


 Tiggs. A most steady force if ever there was to lift me wings. A virtual jet stream in all manner of things. High, low and so many in betweens. That I haven't the words adequate that can express how much to me it all means.


Oh you are such silly Bird just a shadow storm said. But your our silly bird. And that's forever no matter what lies ahead.


 My dear friends. Indeed I'm a fool. Though it be gravely perilous. I just have say. There be no one others than all of you to stand with me on the so dark a day. You all do this lowly Black Bird most proud indeed. Still and all. The foreboding I've carried since the dreams while recovering just days ago weigh on me all the more. If only I could take all of you under my weary wings and just fly us all the hell away from all this. We'd already be long gone.



Umm... Excuse me partner but I didn't come to be some kinda hero. I'm here the same as you. To settle up with who evere or whatever picks a fight with me or any of my buddies. Which by the way. Even though some of us have to meet. Makes no matter to this cowpoke. 'Cause we're all together now and come hell or high water. We're in it to win it. No matter what.



 Gunslinger. You indeed are the deadliest of our lot. I pity anyone dares to cross you. And want you to know I never forgot that had it not been for you dead eye true shot. I wounldn't be here today. Be that as it is. What we face this day I feel if by far and away more formidable than what the 13 of us here have got.


Well I declare. Said Questingmom. I know I'm the newest to this nobel band of the bravest souls I have ever known. And I see how you can try the patience of a saint. Did any one here claim we came alone? I think not.



 Raising the hoop in her right hand directing my gaze to the horizon on their right. As though on que. A black mass rose up. Blotting out half the grey sky with row after row of thousands of the darkest and meanest Ravens and Crows.


And that ain't all. Proclaimed Firewalker.


 Looking to the left. By the thousands forming the same. All armed to the teeth and taking their positions filling out the left flank.


As you can see Black Bird. She continued. The call had beed heard and well heeded by far more than just we.


 Firewalker you the youngest of us all. So much before you lays the future. One that so awaits your fresh slant on all you see. A sorry Bird I be that you've been draged into al this because of me.


Well as I see it. Since what takes place here has designs on all you say awaits me back there. To not help things along here and now. Well just wouldn't be at all fare.  


 Struck with total awe. All I could say was. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd hold such a cup filled with blessings as I hold today.


Well it's like Wonderwall said Black Bird. Chimed in EyeVey. We're in to win it. And being here with all the rest and you. Well I just wouldn't have it any other way.


 EyeVey my dear. If ever there be a need for you special brand of levity. It has to be today.


Nevermind that Black Bird. Just know that I second everything being said here today. Ok.


 OK my EyeVey. OK.


Now Black Bird if this doesn't stiffen your spine. Then I'm afraid we don't know what the hell will. Said with a most affirming tone by Lady Willow.


 Oh yes indeed it surely has me Lady. And may I add how I've missed you and our lighthearted chats so.

 And Boops. Another not unlike meself who wears their heart on their sleeve. You once likened me to a breath of fresh air. I only hope that's still so in some measure and that I haven't just gone stale or ho hum.


Oh Black bird the day the likes of you becomes stale. Would be the day this heart upon my sleeve falls to the ground and whither's away.


 Still I'm sorry that fresh air has landed you here.


Black Bird if a fairy god mother offered to place me in a castle with prince charming himself. I tell her no way. I'm here with all of us to stay. Come what may.


And so be it my dear. So be it.


That goes just as well for me too Bird.



CJ.Oh what can I say of the delightful add ons and whimsicalword play we exchangedon many a spontaneous day.Had it not been for you I never would have heard of such a thing as phraseology.


Oh hush Black Bird. The very concept never would have crossed my mind had it not been for a Bird such as you.


 So you say CJ. So you say. To which all I can say is Thank You.


Again Black Bird, Hush.

Dang it Bird. What's with all the gloom already? I'm here for a fight to put things right. Not some kind of pre funeral sight.


 MA7. A wandering nomad in your own right. With a gypsy soul to suit. And a heart I'll wager casts quite a special spell to boot. Never mind me. It's just the curse or blessing or both from farther back than I can tell. Of these wings that flew perhaps to often twix the gates of heaven and hell.


Ok Black Bird have it your way. For me it's all blessing is all I have to say. Come what may.


 And so it is then. So it is...


 Mr Holzbaur We go back pretty far. To say we see eye to eye on a wide range of things I think just wont fly. But indeed the angst, worry and fear of the resulting outcome of such issues runs through and chills me veins as well. I can't deny.


It's true we go back a ways respectively off and on Black Bird. So like the rest of us. The call was heard. So here I am come hell or high water. To do my part as we all know we oughta.


 Sir you once railed that others and myself didn't get the credit we deserved. I never forgot that. I wanna say that goes double for you and your efforts through and through.


 Som my man. A poet of true pedigree. Of the first order you be. Also back a ways go we. That one of your calibre didn't just regard me as a hack of tortured ryhme and simple word play. Was part and parcel the reason I didn't just pack it in and fly away.


Black Bird I can only hope after today. I can well refute much of what I just heard you say. But for now I give you word. Myself as all of us here to fly with you all the way.


 Well that's an debate I'll gladly enter on the other side of today. Thank you Somnium. And as I gaze upon you all here today. I thank you all for everything is all this humble Bird has left to say.


 willow  questingmom  boops222



 wonderwall79  morningafter7  firewalker



 Somnium  tiggers  shadow storm



 cjb321    EyeVey   timholzbaur


Just then we all heard a unwelcome sound. As we turned to look out across the opposite end of this god forsaken wasteland.  Nearly all wide eyed and nearly in unison. Slowly uttered...

Holy Shit !


 For just then. Rising along the entire horizon. Rank upon rank upon rank of vultures, pigeons and buzzards. All of a most hateful kind. Each line upon line equal to our total number standing here.

Stay Tuned...

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Comments (7)

  1. Somnium

    Oh how I love to fly with you in this one!

    April 30, 2017
    1. macabre360

      And fly we shall. And as we’re all now at the threshold of the middle ground of this what looks to be a dark and fateful odyssey. By ends time. Your sure to weigh in on the scales that hold in the balance these weathered feathers still attached to me.

      April 30, 2017
  2. wonderwall79

    Well me feathered friend a mention from the eye in the sky is the pinnacle of humble pie, arrh it is you that of all is the noblest and I’d ride in your posse anyday, as you will have a place around my campfire any time
    I think I could pretty much say for all, it is our honour by far, tipping me hat in respect

    May 02, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Well wodderwall, a mention you say? Then prepare yourself for one of a monumental display. Though as I again must say. Will very much on your heart weigh. What follows soon will be of a one to one darkest nature. Yet still if all plays out as I hope and pray. Will bring us all to a most bright and right day. Come what may.

      May 02, 2017
      1. wonderwall79

        If I’m right I have felt an eerie wind in my prairies of late, the kind of wind I’ve felt or have come to know only to well.!!!
        As I tug on me brim and await for the eye in the sky to greet me while I gather much needed warmth from me campfire
        Until then I bid you adieu good sir !!

        May 02, 2017
  3. morningafter7

    Black bird, I am honored – and as you can see, ready – for this (come what may)!! And I can only hope things will be put to right! In fact, a flock of your feathered friends passed overhead of me last evening with some loud battle cries – CAW! And also a very large owl has reappeared – he was calling out from the tallest tree. He seems to be on OUR side.

    May 02, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Yep. You can sure bet there be plenty a wingin’ all about. And I hope to see good ol’ Lord Owl make a come back. He be just one of so much that hangs in the balance.

      May 02, 2017