The Avian War Concludes.

 First off I want to thank you from the bottom and top of my heart whole heartedly. For wingin' along this seeming to never end flight.  From the very start I knew this would be the longest I/we have ever flew. Also that I knew there would be sometning well off the beaten path riding on it. In short it all roosted while I was laid up with a illness I just couldn't shake off for weeks. So anywho. We now come in for a landing of sorts. By that I mean the pilot is ready to hand off the wings to... Well again lets see...


The Message


 Transfixed and speachless. Our by know weary dozen. Spectaters of one spectical atop of another. Pretty much know the drill and settle their tattered nerves to take in this most mystical sceen unfolding before their eyes. As the Siren kneels beside the broken body of her beloved little blackbird. They watch with a growin' awareness of how rare and event this is. And feel the sense of privilege bein' privy to it.
 Thinkin' she is here the lay claim to him. As it ought to be in their book. When she slowly looks up and casting her spirit like gaze upon them. They all feel a little woozy. As if they'd fall asleep right there standing up. Then with what feels to come from all around their heads. As if they had headphones on. She speaks to them with such a molodious tone of voice. They feel even more light headed and by degree more dream like. What she tells them is nothing short of spellbinding in its tone and implication.


"The scythe of the Grim one this dawn has had its fill.

Granting the return of yours to you.

Leaving mine to do as I will."

 With that she gazes down at him and places her left hand inches above him Her right palm upon her heart. A slight ghostly halo radiates about her and down her arm and starts forming a orb of glittering specticals that envelope the lifeless blackbird within. As they notice her lips moving but hear nothing as though she is encased in a bubble. Even so they all knew what was taking place. They knew she was singing. When a tear fell from her eye. She had stopped and the glittering orb fanished as she slowly drew back her hand. What they saw next put each in a state of solemn wonderment. There he lay still but no long in such disrepair. In fact he looked well groomed. Feathers all smoothed out. Even a slight sheen added. Then to their astonishment. A slight sliver? Followed by a quiver? Then to their stunned disbelief. The now mended little wing with a struggled to lift up just alittle. As though on the verge of coming out of a deep sleep. Only to fall back and lay still again. As if exhausted by the effort. A distinct sadness came upon her. A sadness they all felt in their own hearts as well. Something was very wrong. Profoundly so.

  Turning her gaze our way. As though sensing our mounting dismay. Again like stereo all around our head in a haunting melodic tone. To our very core this she said...


I can bind his wounds of flesh and bone as I did your own
I will sooth his lonely heart and ease his weary mind in kind
I can mend his wayward soul save for one small but most vital part
That which was extracted when he was laid most low just days ago
Divided and secretly dispersed among others as a keepsake
Who each in their time shall bare them close to their heart
Tis only through they who may supply that which I lack
Only by sincere quill in hand they may determine his fate
Just a line or two or three will bring what's missing back

Within their own place and setting just a brief testimony
By measure decides the destiny of the one feathered in ebony
And in turn restore the bond between he and me for eternity
The balance so woefully at risk be this so do mark it well
By at least half in number is needed to bring him through
Tis they who may complete the final outcome of my spell
Falling short of that measure leaves nothing left I can do 
That it be through them only his soul can be made whole
Least he be laid to sleep for all time twix heaven and hell
Forsaking all the lifetimes and reasons we lived them for
A paradise of our owm making He and I we'll never know


Each to their own hearts they must be true
Then in good time I will return him to you
To allow this saga of ours to continue anew

Elsewize is to realize.

Never again a song of love and desire I will sing
Nor in the night sky will be seen his ebony wing
For he and me therefor will forever be 



 After which she turned back to our Black Bird taking him up in her hands. Held him to her heart. Closed her wings around them both as though in a cocoon. Then in a moon like halo. Fading to a dim glow. Then disappeared in a burst of stardust. Taking him where only she would know.

 Leavin' us at a loss and to wonder what all that meant. Who are the others she refered to? That so much depended on? And what of this spell of which none of us had a clue?  Does anyone have an idea ohf where we go from here. No but I feel we'll be leavin soon. We took you for dead Wonderwall. She said she returned you to us. For that we are all sincerely grateful. said Cj. as all nodded. All I know is I was on the other side for sure. Not caring anymore when she said...You time has yet to come Return and follow the ways of the one. By the name of Rolland. The Gunslinger second to none. Next thing I knew. I was stood on me feet by two of you. This belongs to you cowboy. Said Tim handing him the winchester. To which Wonderwall said.. No Sir. That belongs to you now. See for yourself. Look at the inscription engraved in the wood. To Tims utter amazment. In neat script was written... Sir Tim Holzbaur. Marksmen Extraordinaire.

 Then a vacant breeze past all about the twelve. Followed by a woozyness. Leavin' them just enough time to look at eachother and wave goodbye. For they all knew this dawn was through. Then in a blink of an eye. Each had returned to exactly the where they had been when they felt a flutter of their hair behind their ear. Reachin' back to find a silver chain with a silver full moon engraved with a little black wing. None could account for how it gat there. But all knew damn well it meant something important needed to be done somewhere.  As each would by and by find themselves gazing up at the night sky. Without knowin' why. But deep down to their very core. They felt something was missing up there.


 The Sirens silent song. Sung but heard by no one. Save for you and me. Perhaps her last. Should the spell she cast. Fail and become undun. Witch shall it be. It's up to you now. What's to become of She, He and yes even me. I guess in time we will see...



If I could, I would always tell the truth
I would always love you from the heart
If I could, I would take you in my arms
Take you inside, into my heart

If I could, I would be the place you turn
When you're feeling lonely or afraid
I would shine like a lantern in the dark
Take you inside, into my heart

When you feel as if you don't know who you are
I'll remind you with my love
If I could, I would always keep you safe
Take you inside, into my heart

When you feel as if you simply can't go on
I'll remind you that you're strong
If I could, I would love you as you are
Take you inside, into my heart
Into my arms, into my life


? ? ?


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Comments (16)

  1. Somnium

    Bravo!! you simply outdone yourself my friend, the best of all I may say

    May 16, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Well all thanks go to you Somnium and all who flew along with us. Now comes the time to complete the spell. Having visualized that silver chain with full moon metal with raven wing at the top of part six. Then you know what the Siren needs to make Black Bird whole. Your one part of at least six. She placed it with all of you for safe keeping. A spark of life you could say. Not lost on the battle field.
      Just as she said…A line or two or three.
      All six or more will be the next post with a little touch of something added for all.

      May 16, 2017
  2. wonderwall79

    I don’t even know where to begin to describe this momentus story.!!!
    Too worried my words I won’t be able to even sum up what I feel or how I feel reading this epic saga.!!!
    As I pull me hat of my head and place it over me heart.!!
    Black bird I’m am enriched in more ways than I could possibly describe for having reading this tale and above all for calling you friend pard.
    Bravo I say bravo.!!!
    I will await for the next edition

    May 16, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Well it was a long flight indeed. A I thanks you for wingin’ along partner. As I said to our Poet up there. The next installment lies in your hands as well as his and at lest 4 more of the 12 who bared witness to it all to complete the Sirens spell. Its outta me wings now. She needs you to and the rest to awaken the Black Bird and return him to this nest.

      May 16, 2017
      1. wonderwall79

        Well my feathered friend I’m at the saloon wetting my whistle with a whiskey waiting for the posse to show or its gonna be a one man showdown with whoever or whatever comes, until then pard

        May 16, 2017
        1. macabre360

          As a matter of fact Gunslinger. What you say in your 1st comment is just what the siren is lookin’ for. I didn’t notice at first. But yes it will do quite nicely as the 1st spark of life returned to the Black bird. I’ll repost it when all six come along. Five to go and he flies again.
          And by the way. Technically you win that secret wager of yours. So if/when he returns. The two of you got a lot of drinkin’ to tend to cowpoke.

          May 16, 2017
  3. tiggers

    One thing I have always admired about your writing is how you write with your heart an soul as if each word is a drop of blood dripping onto the page to create a masterpiece. Thank you for including me in your masterpiece . Beautifully haunting piece. One of a kind

    May 21, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Not to mention a few tears dripped in as well. Thank you T.

      May 21, 2017
    2. macabre360

      Also I can’t say masterpiece but without you in it. It wouldn’t be complete nor worth while.

      May 24, 2017
  4. morningafter7

    Pure magick, black bird. Fabulously done! And how is your benefactor these days, may I ask?

    May 22, 2017
    1. macabre360

      I’m more than delighted to hear you say that. I hope you enjoyed the flight you had with us all. And its very nice of you to ask of the one behind the curtains. We can safely say he’s 95%. which is more than can be said for his Black bird. You may have guessed we run on parallel lines. But at present he is in deep stasis. Which is a tad better than dead out right. Had it not been for his Siren he would be. She needs 3 more sparks of his life to make him whole and awake. As part of her spell all 12 of you possess one of them. Six will do to complete the fix. It’s her spell not mine so that kinda leaves me mindin’ an empty nest.

      May 22, 2017
  5. macabre360

    “Drawn back from the Netherlands for this reason only. To give that spark of life back to my blackbird friend for all that has been done. I add my name to those who will return that spark to you! Be well. Cannot stay. I must depart now!”

    May 24, 2017
  6. dopesleeper

    You’re a natural poet with a unique voice.

    May 26, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Well thank you for sayin’ so Dopesleeper, But I’m hardly a natural. I’m just a bird who wings a few tortured lines and rhymes end to end. As for me voice… well I can get off a good Caw or two once in a while maybe. But I think I just squawk the talk at best from this birds nest.

      May 26, 2017
  7. shadow-storm

    Even the shadow passing by sheds some hope of unearthly spark of life after the storm…
    Let not the number by mine be counted short…

    June 12, 2017
    1. macabre360

      So grateful and so relieved for this next to last spark now received. Will add it to the rest to his slumberin’ nest tonight. Thanks to you and all my friends who though this odyssey also flew. The Black Bird may soon spread his ebony wings again and fly the moonlit sky anew. Thank you.

      June 12, 2017