Adult Paranormal Lite # 4

Paranormal Lite # 4

 ~ Hey Everybody ~


   Well gang, all I can say is... "It happened again." Another paranormal lite event of sorts to add to the list. A list of extra odd occurrences around here at me nest. And at least one event that had a down right intentional purpose that belatedly took a decade or so to complete. Although as yet still  unsolved. Now as some of you may recal. I'm not talkin' about things that just go bump in the night here. Those things don't do much more other than stir ones imagination. Nor am I one to shy away from encouraging such heebie jeebies from time to time  No, my list of preveious odd happenings (to put it lightly) are of a more significant nature indeed. Especially when it comes to spookin' that so called benefactor of mine over there. Can ya believe he still thinks he'll be safe behind those curtains. Leavin' me holden the bag should the shit hit the fan. That's OK with me but this Bird don't dig bein' outta tha loop and upstaged by some heavy outside players. Unanounce and unknown.




   Alright then. Till just two weeks ago there have been three of those.. Nobodys Gonna Believe This Shit occurrences. And one of 'em some of you may recall was one for the books for sure. Well two weeks ago we had another. Not quite as blunt as the previous ones but just as distinct. So with that in mind let me recap for you this newly formed quartet of merry mysteries.


  1st was the Silver Helium Birthday Baloon Stunt. That one is the beat all to end all of the bunch. Took a decade to put two thirds of the blatant and a tad more deliberate activity even for this ebony Bird. The followin' actions on his part were to my surprize. More the stuff of spite rather than fright. The final part is as yet unsolved.


  2nd was the Dora Bubble Blowin Toy. That one still disturbes the hell outta me. Here he was at the crack of dawn slowly drifting out of sleep. He's hearin' a low hum. As he awakes more. It sounds like someone using a drill out in the yard. When he sits up he realizes it's much closer. Still very low but like a steady hum of gears turning, And its comin; from the kitchen five rooms away. Turns out to be this Dora bubble blowin' toy. It had been sittin' off to the side on a corner self in the kitchen for several months. Dry and collectin' dust even. Well somehow it had turned itself on and was just goin' through the motions of blowin' bubbles. Now the switch in back was a flat plastic piece you had to slid over. It wasn't inclined to just click on without the push of a finger. Well there it was slowly raising the little loop to its mouth and blowin' a little puff of air and then slowly lower it down to the now long dry bubble juice well.



  3rd was that blasted 3 Foot Plastic Multi Colored Light Sword. Not only was it multi colored but also had 3 variations of pulsing lights. Wavy, Solid and a kinda Twirling. All in rainbow colors. Here he was makin' ready to go to bed. Turn' off the boobtube. Then upon turnin' out the livin' room light and headin' to his bed room by way of the spare room. That little room pretty much serves as a play and toy room for the wee ones. Stored for some time behind this book case in there was that toy light sword that had also turned itself on. Not only that but it made the light ghostly fan out around the bookcase on the wall. Now here's the creepy kicker to this. As if that wasn't enough. This too had a small button to turn it on. Witch in turn one had to press to change each variation. Well as he understandably was startled when he first saw this. It had somehow pressed it own button so to change from solid glow to wavy one. Right before his eyes.




  Now all three of these happened years apart mind you. The lightsword one I think 2 or 3 years ago. Things were quiet till 2 weeks ago. That's when number four droped its callin' card. Like I said. Not as strong as the previous 3. But well timed and well delivered.


  #4. The Plastic Guitar. Like they say... Timing is everything. Same as with the lightsword. He gets up. Turns of the Boobtube. Turns off the light. Goes to the bathroom. Headin; back in the dark to his bed room by way of that same play room. Just as he enters the doorway. From the opposite end of the room. About ten feet off. He hears.. Da - Dumm.... Stopin' dead in his tracks because he knew exactly what that was. Against the wall off to the side was his grand daughters plastic guitar, Which had real steel strings that he had to tune often for her. Well that Da - Dumm... was the open notes of the two top strings of said guitar bein' plucked.  Now he just stood there a bit. I think waiting for something more to happen. But that was all. Just two strings being plucked in the dark of a room with nobady in it. Save for him. Ten feet away.


  For the Record


   I've lived here for about 23 years or so and like I said. These events were spaced out over years between them. Now I have to say. These things almost as a rule take place for an audience of one. Leavin' one to tell the tale and at the mercy of others to believe it or not.

  Now I solemnly swear on me ebony plumes and me little Black Bird soul. As well as my benefactors assumed sanity. This is all true. I kid you not. Now I don't know if this be the handy work of one or a few myschiefful spirits passin' by or not. Also between you and me gang. I'm not all that certain they are just random happenings. There's always room for a connection and intention linkin' some or all of this. Whatever this is about. I  myself don't feel that the book is closed on all this just yet..


What do you out there think of it I should like to know?


 This is all true just as I've said.

Not a tale outta me black feathered head 

Cross my little Black Bird heart and hope to die.

Stick a needle in me eye' and all that jazz by and by. 

It is what it is and that's it!

No Bull Shit.

~ ~ ~

 Sincerly and Truthfully Yours.

Black Bird


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Comments (11)

  1. tiggers

    Wait till Tuesday when I get to tell you all about my crazy Thursday and Friday strange spirit stuff happened .

    March 13, 2017
    1. macabre360

      If you had some kinda odd goings on over there. We should compare notes indeed. Till Tuesday then aye….

      March 13, 2017
  2. morningafter7

    Heebie jeebies for sure, black bird…honestly, though, I believe there are things going on around us that we can’t necessarily see (I know you do, too) ~ and could it possibly be that someone or thing is trying to get your attention? That’s what I would think….!!

    March 14, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Well the silver balloon stunt made sure there was no doubt that it wanted my attn. But I think it back fired on the idea. It was a definite massage that got lost in the blatant broad day light delivery. And it took ten yrs to just realize that. The original intent lost in time.
      But there is a link in that all these things use stuff belonging to my daughter and grand daughters.
      In others words.. Toys.

      March 14, 2017
  3. EyeVey

    So who is it trying to let you know it’s there?

    March 14, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Well EyeVey, the short answer is I think its a child/kid. The long answer is of a much wider range of suspects. All of whom I’d feel a lot better knowing they are Resting in Peace. Rather that wasting all this effort on a dimwitted bird such as yours truly.
      If none of them have a hand in these goings on. Then maybe I’m not as hot to find out as I pretend to be. If you get me drift.

      March 14, 2017
      1. EyeVey

        Maybe there’s something they’re trying to communicate to you, then they can move on?

        March 15, 2017
        1. macabre360

          Well yes maybe. The thing is,,, I don’t really buy into all that Helping Spirits Along and all that. Especially one needing help from the likes of me. No I feel there’s something else afoot here. Finding the proverbial light doesn’t seem to fit this situation. The spacing by years and deeds themselves don’t feel to be confused or lost. On the contrary. It’s quite deliberate.
          If anything, it’s more to do with me rather than them. Seein’ as I take a somewhat hostile stand toward such things. You know, just for puttin’ me through the trouble. Beatin’ around the bush isn’t my strong suit. I venomously resent bein’ toyed with. Especially by something I can’t get a hold of.

          March 15, 2017
  4. wonderwall79

    Well pard it does seem rather bizzare
    That playing of the guitar
    Although I wouldn’t expect trouble
    From the machine without bubbles
    It may even be a sign from the lord
    With the flickering of the sword
    Not sure about the silver ballon act
    Had shivers up this outlaws back
    Why indeed do these happenings occur
    As you said a child of sorts I concur
    One has to wonder what’s the message
    Or just random occurrences putting you on edge
    It sure makes one think black bird
    It don’t sound that absurd
    To think spirits of the past linger
    Now I’m not pointing any finger
    Having said that I’ll sleep now knowing
    Someone or thing could be showing
    Up at anytime in my prairie
    Although my six shooter will try to bury
    It’s still enough to send chills up me spine
    Something like that could be a sign
    Well I’ll raise me whiskey bottle good sir
    In hope nothing else will incur

    March 14, 2017
    1. macabre360
      Wonderwall me nomadic comrade. I’m flat out awestruck. This is pure whimsical genius this piece you have up there. Like you just pulled it outta of your hat. And with an easy flair at that. You are one of a kind me cowboy. That’s for sure. Now me high plains drifter, as to the subject matter at hand. Like I was sayin’ to EyeVey up there. This Black Bird doesn’t cotton to being toyed with. Especially by someone or thing that enjoys the advantage of stayin’ beyond my reach. Leavin’ me to beat me head against the proverbial wall tryin’ to figure it out. As you can see, the 1st of these antics (the elaborate Balloon stunt) pretty much said it all. Granted I didn’t realize it till a decade or so afterwards. Witch in turn. Renders the other 3 deeds that came after that redundant at best. Or perhaps just showing off. To witch I’m inclined to say… Big Deal. So again wonderwall me boy. I have to say. Kownin’ I may have in some small way inspired that wonderful piece you put together up there/ Well it just does a Black Bird really Proud. Yes indeed. Mighty Proud. Much obliged wonderwall. Much obliged.

      March 15, 2017
  5. wonderwall79

    Arrghhhh with a doff of me hat black bird I trot through and raise me flask and say here’s to you good sir.!!
    humbled as usual but none the less I tend to think you may inspire more then you realise, a certain feathered phenoms ability transcends to all those lucky or fortunate to be in or around the noble eye in the sky.!!!
    Here’s to ya black bird !!!

    March 16, 2017