Adult Of Greener Pastures..?


A night flight in

Final Destinations


 About those resting places. As I mentioned on my friend morningafter7s post concernin' some of the brighter aspects of your neighborhood grave yards. Here at my neck of the woods there are quite a number of them. All kinds of 'em too. It's the really old ones that kinda get one to gaze at a little curiously and wonder of. Here we have on our side of those classic black wrought iron fenches. All the doin's of the living. The walkin' or just strolling to and fro. The back and forth of cars and people. The comin' and goin' of all walks of life on the way to or from somewhere of the everyday. On the other side things are quite different.

 First of all. It's pretty quiet in there. Almost as if bein' on that side you wouldn't hear or see how life passes by on this side. That's especially so the deeper in you go. I supose that's how it is and perhaps should be for those that inhabit the  grounds of the place. Like us on this side of the fence. In all our walks of life. There too be all walks of death. Who have arrived at the end of their journey. While we out here. Physically speakin' of course. Just continue to inexorably travel along ours. Casually and/or oblivious as to our own final destination. For me they happen to be quite a bit more than what meets ones eye. Dare I say playground?

 I happen to know of four lads nearly a lifetime ago now who made good use of passin' the day away in such silernt playgrounds of the dead. I say playgrounds 'cause that's what they did in there. They played. All were  well steeped in the Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn phaze of boyhood. They played army, climbed threes but mostly wander all about the place playin' in fact actually be explorers. Many a time one or more would yell out "GREEN BELLIES". Witch in turn would get them all runnin' for all their worth. Green Bellies were the grounds keepers in green uniforms. Who didn't really give a shit about us all that much but would yell at us to get the hell outta here. They never gave chase but that didn't matter to us. We just ran like hell anyway as if they were or about to.


 Well like I said they had their favorite places to go and hang about at in these cemetaries. Oh sorry, did I forget to mention there were a lot of cemetaries around that area to choose from? Well there were and there was a little something special in each one of 'em. Bein' of different faiths and ages and size. Among other things like abandoned tool sheds deep inside the interior. That they jumped off of into gaint leaf piles. Ala jumpin' in hay stakes. And that's how they spent a summer's day among a hand full of other adventures. Mostly far from home witch added a dangerous touch to things. Especially some of the other places we'd venture off to as well as the route we had to walk along to get to these mostly 'Keep Out' places. 

 That bein' said, and the fact that they had their pick of any one to go knockin' about in. Caution be danmed. Their was one they never did take on. Oh they sure thought about it. They even set out to do so once or twice. But would get to some part of that wrought iron fench where they could slip in on the sly. Only to stop a few steps inside before one or more would have a change of heart. One in particular would want to go on and try to get the others not to punk out but to no avail. Because like I mentioned in my friends post. This one was part very old and a large part very gothic. Classic gothic at that. With statues of angels with big wings high up on some pedestals with other figures and what not all about. Not to mention elaborate crypts in various stages of decline and over growth. All very densely arranged. Witch made it easy to imagin or in our case feel that in this place we wouldn't be the only ones roamin' about. Even in the bright of day. It just didn't seem to be as bright inside as it was outside. And that was enough to send these boys off on some other expedition. And to this day I can still see why.



 Now like I said. This was a just about a lifetime ago that these lads of ten and nine year olds journyed off to places far and beyond. And there was quite a number of them as well as the risky biz along the way to as well as at the places themselves. To date there be just one of that group adventurers still on this side of a wrought iron feance. Who still at times when by chance if he may be walkin' or drivin' by any one of these cemetaries on his way to or from his everyday. That he can't help but think of and in turn see his buddies who now reside on the otherside runnin' about. And wonders if by chance if he may meet up with them in his own after here  and if they just might venture from in there to romp about out here for a spell. If for nothing else. Just for the hell of it. Ya know what I mean.



 Well knowin' them boys the way this Black Bird does. I'd have to say. If there is a way they could. Then they surely would. You could bet your life on it.



And so it was and so is and so it may be

We'll just have to wait and see

And with that I just wish to say

On this high and bright cheerful Sunday

I must for now bid you adieu

And I sincerly thank all of you

For wingin' along with me out here

On these night flights far and near

And till this here and now ends 

Wing on me like feathered friends

Wing on...

Luv Black Bird


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Comments (7)

  1. morningafter7

    I very much enjoyed this post, blackbird, and can see that you have spent much time taking in all the details of the cemeteries. I also see that me and you have something in common (as kids and now) and that’s that we both like bein’ a little scared…it’s fun, ain’t it? I can just imagine that gang of boys scarin’ themselves silly! ;-)

    February 13, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Well I’m more than delighted to have you along on this night flight. After all you pretty much got me started wingin’ about in me old wide open spaces of yore as it was. And yes indeed we have a common touch for… shall we say … Out of the way places. He hehe.
      Like two sides of the same coin. One side to spend on the top and daylight side and the other side to be spent more or less these nights on the underside and what may lay and or lurk about beneath the surface. A trove of buried treasure awaits to be dug up and laid bare up here. Again MA7 thanks for the settin’ me wings to digin’.

      February 13, 2017
      1. morningafter7

        And it’s what’s “beneath the surface” that’s got me all intrigued, blackbird. :-) You’ve inspired me very much also, blackbird, and it’s your penchant for the “darker” side of things that attracted me in the first place.

        February 13, 2017
        1. macabre360

          That penchant such as it is. I believe at least half the time has a penchant for me.
          It also doubles as a means to many things I never may have thought, known or done. Not so many years back I had nothing to do with this whole web/net thing. It all started from the chess rooms I haunted all over. You wouldn’t believe the horror shows that go on in those places.

          February 15, 2017
  2. wonderwall79

    I concur with Ma7 I have rather enjoyed your post along with the gypsie soul of MA7, there’s a certain awe when I have stumbled upon unmarked tombstones and shallow graves in me own prairies.
    In a way I’ve somewhat indulged what my tombstone would read or not read I’d prefer just an unmarked tombstone with the words “an outlaw lives here” or the words – gone home
    Like a certain few that I hope they know who they are I have met along these trails in me prairies it has been an honour and a blessing but none more than the eye of the sky always a pleasure good sir always my pleasure

    February 13, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Yes ww79 I have flown many a night flight over those reservations for the here after. And nothing delights me more than to have a wing man such as yourself along.
      One thing I’ve come to know is we all have this common nest in which we’re to be laid to rest.

      February 13, 2017
  3. wonderwall79

    Indeed my friend indeed tipping my hat as I pass

    February 16, 2017