Adult Night Life of the Dead

Night Life of the Dead

A Cemetery Pleasantary


The Festive Side Where the Dead do Reside


 Ok so we covered some of the the happenings in and around the old burial ground. We had the Outsider who from his dwellings way under the rotted graves and sinking crypts. Comes to realize he has no place up here with us above ground. We've recalled the youthful mischief of adventurous lads runnin' about, explorin' and just gettin' away from the some old routine by rompin' atop the peaceful restin' grounds of the post living.

 We've felt the touch of lost and unfulfilled affairs of the heart and soul. That reach us from the tomb. With memories of what was once found and but lost to the world of the living. Who hold out the promise of what will be. As they await your spirit to be through with your life above the surface in this world of the living.

 Now I'd like to show that it's not all gloom and doom. That there do indeed be some wild goings on way down below. Where often my Siren sings in my dreams and brings about the other schemes and things. Way below and well beyond the graves of worm ravished spoiled soil of decay and rot. The dead do indeed like to party and they party alot.


Here be just one of those ghostly scenes.  

Darkly and ghoulishly sultry.

See it all the way through and you'll see what I means...


Another midnight phantasy

Feel free to join the revelry

Along with danse and song

Down here with my Siren and me

Believe me you won't go wrong 

Black Bird

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Comments (2)

  1. wonderwall79

    Well I’ve been known to walk among tombstones in the past
    Of those unfortunate ones who didn’t last
    Although we dwell in different realms you and I
    Both in search of an afterlife after us mortals die
    Our realms in the end may not differ much
    Both drifting from this place just a touch
    To partake in a shin dig under ground
    Is where one day we’ll both be found
    Although me and dance could be risky
    Perhaps I’ll just sit at the bar with me whiskey

    Clever thinking one does wonder what actually goes on down yonder
    Pleasure as always good sir

    February 19, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Just balancing some darkness out a bit.
      From where only the fleshless bones sit.
      So outta the graves, mausoleums and crypts.
      Within churns the darkest of ooze that drips.
      After the feast of the conquering worm.
      Of the tales meant to make you squirm.
      I want to tell the side yet untold and left unsaid.
      The lively partying of the unliving and long dead.

      February 20, 2017