Adult Menagerie Nocturnal

Menagerie Nocturnal

First a introduction to another hokey production


Another one that serves very little if any function


Unlike the thunderin' hooves of the ebony mare of fright


All set to come a marauderin' to you in the dead of night




  Speakin' about nightmares. Especially those really disturbingly Dark ones. I  meself have a gourmet of your basic four archetypes to explore. Pretty much the typical mold of 'em all I would say. We  got the all too familiar tryin' To Run Away From Somethin' Terrible. But your feet feel stuck in tar or so weighted down somehow. As you feel that Something Terrible is gainin' on you and any second now it will Get You. Of those we always seem to wake up just as it's about to. Though often enough with a breathless start and yelp of some sort. I for one personally believe. That should that Terrible Something ever actually catch and get hold of you. Well lets just say if that came about you'll be left breathless alright. Permanently.



  Then we have two of those really Scary Ones. Pendin' on their surroundin' terrible details. Tend to Haunt you for a spell. There's the confused desperation of bein' lost somewhere in some strange time and place. With the cold feelin' time is runnin' out for you to find your way. And when it does you'll be there to stay. Forever.





  Then there's the good old breath taking Falling Ones. Yeah we all know about those. We've had those leaps of fate alright. More that once I'd wager. Yes indeed. They always seem to be off of sometnin'. Like the legde of a very high cliff or a window cell or roof top. Often enough there's some kind of Murky Black Water or a pitch Black Phantomless Abyss down below. Again we awake just in time before we Fall all the way. Often with that cold empty feelin' in your gut that you barely did before reachin' the point of No Return.





  Now we come to those nightmares of a much more troubling sort. The ones that are way too Violent & Bloody to remember fully intact ones. These are the ones I can only recall in still frame  sceens of fractured out of sequence glances or clips if you will. The Bloody ones are sometimes so colorfully vivid that they seem to be imprinted on me minds eye. Other times it's more of a shadowy black and grey gut certainty that there be Blood about. Coupled with the accompanying way and means by witch it all this Bloodyin' came about. These I find to be the most anything goes type of nightmare. To say the least.

 These for many of you commonly consist of the bein' Cut up and/or Stabbed variety if you will. Sometimes it's bein' Mauled by the jaggered Claws and sharp Teeth of some vicious beast. Or seein' others and/or yourself bein' Ripped to Pieces by some other unimaginable means of horror from the bottomless depths of our own Dark and Hellbent Dreamscapes.


  Then we have the ones like I just had recently a night ago. Like I said. It's fractured and I can only recall pieces of it. It starts out as nothin' out of the ordinary like many a  meaningless dream. It takes place with me standin'/waitin' for the M train on me way to work. Now there's a fare bunch of others all about as well. I only see them as featureless shadows standin' and movin' all about the platform between the two tracks. Nothin' speacial about this save for this one middle aged woman I noticed wearin' a white coat black gloves and a long black scarf wrapped around her neck hangin' in back and in front of her. She's standing next to me near the edge of said platform havin' an animated argument with someone on her phone. We're at the in comin end of the platform so the train comes in still at a pretty good speed. That's where the fun begins.

 As the train comes roarin' in. She turns her back to it with one hand to her other ear so as to still hear whatever bein' said. In doin'so her scarf behind her goes up with the gust of air the train  pushes ahead of it. Well before I know it. The whole sceen shifts into a slow motion state as I watch her scarf get caught on some part of this incomin' train. This is the image that's embedded in me minds eye. In real slow motion and in full color the train just causes the scarf to wind close and spin her head right off her shoulders.  Her body still standin' there with Blood gushin' out her now headless neck. with her hand still holdin' the phone in one hand and still animated with the other as though nothin' happened. I hear all sorts of screamin' by the crowd as I look down and see her head in a spreadin' Pool of Blood on the platform floor lookin' right up at me still talkin'and aguin'. Only it seems to be directed right at me. As though I had somethin' to do with it all. The train stops the doors slide open and I see her headless body enterin' and takin' a seat in a car that's loaded with other passengers. All in white coats and black gloves just like her. All headless and Bloody and still very animated. The train pulls out and I'm left there standin' on a deserted platform that looks like it hasn't been in use for a very long time.


And with that pleasant little examble in the books.


This little Black Bird in its nest of spooks & kooks.


Will leave it at that and just fade to black.




Black Bird



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Comments (17)

  1. cjb321

    Now THAT’S scary! I remember waking up once, jumping out of bed because something was chasing me. Halfway across the room I realized it was a dream. Whew!

    January 17, 2017
    1. This comment has been deleted
    2. macabre360

      Yep they do make a convincing impression. Hard to shake off yes..
      Now how ’bout the other kind. I know their rare for most but do you any bloody ones?

      January 18, 2017
  2. wonderwall79

    Can’t say I’ve had one like that in years
    Either two things I’m just not that imaginable or I live in these prairies which are a daily nightmare in itself at times.
    I do have a lingering dreams of things that I cannot quite lasso no matter how well I’m equipped like chasing a unicorn that is elusive but friendly

    January 18, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Yes. Here I’m kinda goin’ for those really outta the box rare ones. The ones that have an imagination all their own. The ones that make you wonder how your so called “sub-conscience” can come up with such off the wall shit like that. Goin’ by the few doozies I flew through. Sometimes I wonder if we’re bein’ vain for claimin’ credit for them at all. On any level.

      January 19, 2017
      1. wonderwall79

        I’ve often wondered that me self, I’ve had dreams or visions in my dreams where it’s actually happened in life, déjà vu which is a mind blowing concept to think of the nuts and bolts of it all.
        As if we have been places before in our minds and then physically catch up months later
        I’ll drink to that thought maybe a double cause my outlaw brain can’t comprehend that at all

        January 20, 2017
        1. macabre360

          Well deja vu is one thing. Open to a number of causes. And even that may not be of our own making. I just think some of these other worldly visions/nightmares may be more from without rather than from within. Goin’ by how intense some are. I kinda hope so.

          January 20, 2017
          1. wonderwall79

            Just imagine , I’ll drink to that BB yes I will

            January 21, 2017
  3. morningafter7

    Wow – that’s some powerful stuff, black bird! I also like how you summed up all the different types of nightmares…and might I add the one where you are trying to yell or scream and can’t make any sound come out? I’ve woke up on those ones before. Nice and extremely spooky stuff here that sounds like it’d make a great story!

    January 19, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Yes but not half as powerful as the ones I don’t remember at all. Those I know have to be the most powerful. Otherwize I’d remember them if they weren’t. No but really. I find the bloody ones to be the most rare ones. In general with many people. At least when compared to the others. Like not bein’ able to scream. Witch is a spinoff of not bein’ able to run or bein’ paralyzed. And let us not forget drowning. Witch kinda goes along with falling but breath taking in its own right.
      But the bloody ones… well they are a rare bird inbleed.

      January 20, 2017
  4. questingmom

    Dreams and nightmares are such a mystery. The creepy gory bone chilling stuff is particularly disturbing when I can only assume that I myself authored the stuff, but then perhaps I saw something in the world, a book, on tv shows or the news that my normal self couldn’t quite process in the awake part of life. Your production is so oddly interesting and well done.

    January 20, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Yes even for one with a macabre bent on things like meself. I have to admit that some are just so over the top even for me. In witch case I kinda hope they are inspired/created and cast form outside of me own little morbid mind. But then on the other hand. I’d like see and/or hang out with who or what manufactures these epic frights. I think one can pick up a thing or two from such an endeavor. Don’t you?

      January 21, 2017
      1. questingmom

        It just so happens that moments before I picked up my iPad I was thinking about the things in life that scare us, torment us, block us, reoccurring pains in the ass. They might be the best teachers and add a lot of character building opportunities, and also deepens gratitude in the quieter times. I’m sorry if that’s too much contemplation. I just can’t help it. I think it would be a very interesting revelation to hang with the true author of these things so we can say wth was up with that?!

        January 26, 2017
        1. macabre360

          Nothin’ to be sorry about. Contemplation is pretty much what this all about. May it never be shackled and chained by hesitation and/or doubt. By all means contemplate on questingmom. Contemplate on…

          January 26, 2017
          1. questingmom


            January 27, 2017
          2. questingmom

            That was supposed to be a happy emoji

            January 27, 2017
  5. zacharypiguenit

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    August 17, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Just what talent do you claim to be promoting exactly? The Art or the writing?
      In any event. I can’t appreciate your comment or any comment that includes a link to some silly site I have no use for. So thanks but no thanks!

      August 18, 2017