It's in the eyes...



  Is it the voice? Passionate, refined, and/or desire inducing? Is it in the songs she sings? What their about and how they reach and touch me? Can it be how she and they relate and enspire in me a familiar melancholy of forlorn memories that run very deep and most dear? Over all this time and all the visitations. Visitations I can only define as random hauntings of spiritual, mental and exotic enchantments of phantasies beyond the scope of mortal existance. Is it the dream and promise and hope that they will and must all somehow someway come about. Yes it is all these things and more. Yes I can't help but believe it is the combined accumulation of the  many and varied spectors and visions over all the years of a very special soul I lost a long time ago. Before I even knew I had her. Heart and soul. But she knew and made a promise to herself and to me by proxy of all of these forms and enchantments in the wee of of my most lonely and dangerous nights. A loss I failed to realize just a little too late. For reasons of youthful ignorence I led myself astray with another I thought was ture but over time turned out to be false and ruinous. 

   Yes I believe it all is summed up in her. I don't know why or how I know this is the final image of my long time Siren. It's just something about her. The songs. the look of a soul lived long and weary a life... no... many a life long lived and died unfulfiled. Self commited to await a soul ment to be with hers. Yes I am certain she is the last of the many apparations that had so well sustained me all these years and lives as well. How do I know this ? I can and do see it all in her eyes.


Eyes that tell my soul fate and destiny for sure

Shall and will join our souls as one in eternity

Hers to mine and mine to my beloved Siren


Black Bird



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Comments (2)

  1. wonderwall79

    Haunting voice I actually like it, even tho I bleed country
    Indeed good sir I concur with your findings every now and then a song writer stirs me soul with their lyrical whiskey, and as I drink it down I am cast to another dusty realm where in the twilight I am back home having supper with all me loved ones as if they never left my posse and the chinking of knifes and forks are heard around the table with laughter and happiness.
    Some singers have this witchery that falls upon me.
    Tipping my hat good sir as I Trott past

    November 15, 2016
    1. macabre360

      Thank ya much w’wall. the story of how this voice came me lies in the realm of providence.
      Suffice it to say… It came my way outta tha blue. And it/she came to stay.
      Just as you can be transported to a table with sounds, visions and atmosphere of those so dear.
      I am made to feel the loneliness of a heart and soul who awaits for me to join her there.

      November 15, 2016