It Begins. The Avian War. Part one:

Opening Prologue


 Well to all my good friends here at this dot com of thought. While in and out of some very low points in my state of being. Indeed far off a dark and ominous force slowly gathers steam. By way of so clever a screen of many a confusing and chaotic dream. Obscuring dire portents I fear we all may have a defining role to play of some sort. I know not what nor when. Only as yet in some far off distant horizon. Far beyond all mortal sight. There forms the coming of the darkest night. One of such dreadful wrong and that for reasons unknown. Seems up to me in the main to somehow put right.

 The Call

 So heavy this dread upon my head. That to the wood of mystery and shadow. I took wing to seek counsel from the sage of the nocternal.  The mystical Lord Owl. Only to find the entire realm laid to waste. Scattered throughout the whole terrain. There lay all I fear who dwell here. Without mercy. Viciously slain. There at the foot of his prophet tree. Now so near his death. Clinging to the last spark of life. Lies He. And within his last hoot and dying breath. He transmitted to me his final degree.


 "Black Bird it falls to you. To call upon all of honor and resolute bravery. To take up their position and make ready side by side with thee. Against all odds to stand at the ready and hold at bay this blackest scourge. To carry out one final and epic assaut on his vast and savage armies of inequity. Come what may. Ruled and commanded by none other than He. King Vulture. The very wing of hell itself. The epitome of all disgrace and malady. Who seeks to put an end to all that be. Especially to you Black Bird and yours who you hold so dearly."

 So there you have it my dear friends. I can't say how or why. But I can tell you this. That something is gravely amiss. And that should you feel a faint but distinct brush of vancant air. As though from a small fan behind you somewhere. Take care. For in the instant it takes you to turn around. You may very well find yourself as well as all of us transported to that wretched ground. Somewhere over there. And yes indeed so very far from here.


To The Killing Zone


 So as I took leave of that once so enchanted forest. I see the whole of it begining to dry out and crumble like castles of sand. Setting me all the more to bring about the task at hand. Just who and how am I to send out this dyer call? Who be they to stand ready knowing they may very well fall? King Vulture in and of himself is most powerful and cruel for sure. Now with vast armies of hords that know no mercy. For reasons I know not what for. On the wing to to put and end to everything forever more. Will we match them with numbers of wings  on the fly? Of this my confidence is less than high. Upon one certainty I can only rely. Which is this. One way or the other. We either do or die.

 As I fly looking for some kind of sign as to whom and what. I see a trail of death and destruction below.  The slaughter of bird havens as well as their natural habitats. It does seem to run in a somewhat straight line in a way. Leading me or guiding me. I know not which. As my spirits start to fall. A whisper in the wind fron one I hold most dear tells me now is not the time to despair. That flock upon flock have all seen what I see taking place everywhere and indeed have heard the call. And that all are on the wing to wherever this battle field be. To take up arms side by side with me. No matter by night or by day. To stand or fall. For I can rest assured all resolute. Come what may.

 Knowing this I could say I was somewhat relieved. Which I was to a degree. Except for this mounting anxiety. That one way or the other. There would be no day after. Not for them. And especially for me. Just then a suden turbulence took hold of me. Oh no my mind hollered. This is no time for a time flight! But after a dizzing spin or two. I realized this was not the case. As I found myself flying low over a most desolate and barren place that stretched as far as I could see. I didn't know where the hell this was. But something told me this was to be the place. Looking all about I thought to myself. Such a lonely place to die. Just as my spirits once again felt about to give out. I heard her again. Heard only in my head. And what was said. broke my heart.

 Indeed in my minds eye and heart I saw my beloved Siren in her other world dwelling afar. Begin to sing a song. A song unlike all the others. A song of deep sorrow that brought tears to me eyes and indeed my very soul. For likewize I knew it was doing the same to hers as well. And in a semi trance to the ground of the wastland I slowly fell.



This morning early I walked on
While my darling was in a dream
The last sweet days of summer bloomed
And dressed the trees in green
Then soaring high in the gleaming sky
From far across the bay
Came a fearsome roar from a distant shore
At the dawning of the day

Then I called my men to follow me
Knowing well that the view was dim
Though tired and worn, how they fought all morn'
As time was closing in
And my heart was sad though sore with pride
For brave lads all were they
As the angels fly, how they climbed so high
On the dawning of the day

But the edge is moving nearer now
Inside the fading sun
And calling, calling out to them
My brothers, one by one
But only dust silence sounds
The ashes float away
As the twilight ends and the night descends
'til the dawning of the day

Forgive me love, I'm going now
So very far away
When darkness falls, only think me near
And do not be afraid
And please don't grieve when I am gone
Abide in what remains
'til the shadows end and we meet again
On the dawning of the day


~To be continued~




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Comments (12)

  1. Somnium

    A wonderfully creative flight you have taken my friend. Your muse is on fire!

    April 30, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Yes indeed it does burn intense. For my fate lies in the balance.

      April 30, 2017
  2. wonderwall79

    Well my feathered friend an intriguing tale indeed but you are one of the great story tellers, I can’t wait for the next instalment my friend
    Until then fly well and fly high

    May 01, 2017
    1. macabre360

      You may want to hold your powder Gunslinger. With intrigue comes demands. That of which will lay most heavy in your hands.

      May 01, 2017
  3. morningafter7

    This story has painted a foreboding tale in my mind, to say the least! The darkness is falling!

    May 01, 2017
    1. macabre360

      And the darkest is still yet fall…

      May 03, 2017