In Conclusion. A Parting Example.

In Conclusion. A Parting Example.

Tons of Study and Documentation

With little if any Overall Explanation




  Well I guess we pealed some skin off this onion as much as we can for now. What we have is a small pile of very thin skin layin' around. That's about the best we can do with what we have to work with I suppose. We did touch on a few aspects concerning the relation twix Para-Normal and Super natural. A very slight difference we can all agree. Neat official soundin' titles but really no more than names of some tools in the bag of tricks used by Un-seen. The Who or What and especially the Why of what's been goin' on. That's given if there really is anything goin' on.  Hell even the scholars and the ghost hunters pretty much end up with the same skins layin' all about. A real lot it to be sure and all pretty thin as well when you get down to it I say.

  We sorta assigned these event as the doings of Agents and or Angels. I think these Agents/Angels or perhaps angels to be. Are for the most part natural ressidents of the Un-seen realm if you will. Who do or maybe are compelled to do what they do for reasons only they know. We assume on our behalf but not always. I think some are child like or pretent to be. That would point to some of the quite wierd and strange antics we experience. Somewhat minor and more on the mischief side of things.  Odd things we just wonder of for a while then chalk up to just one of those things as they say. We also established there may be rules or restrictions it be bound to follow. That inturn create tensions that may cause it to opperate with cross purposes in reguard to each other and us sometimes. Leavin' us in the middle. And not in a favorable way as a consequence there of. That would point to some of the much more darker happenings. The kind of happenings that get all the attention to say the least. As for the really horrifying and harmful stuff that goes down by evil hauntings and or so called demons' I'm not sure but I think are of another elk. All I can say of that is... One must be sure to take care when pokin' about in there. We may take it on down the line at sometime. Maybe.

  Thought for the most part I believe the gold standard is benevolence. To do what they deem needs to be done totally on the sly. Without us bein' any the wizer.  I believe this goes on quite offten and on a steady pace. These Agents of influence or Angels. With or without wings and not necessarily spirits of loved ones or even or others we know of who have passed on. They may have a hand in some of it but I think only when it's a vital situation that warrants their participation. Even some stranger in the flesh or the essence there of who just happened to recently crossed over and was handy at the momment. At times grudgingly no doubt. After all it is a thankless deed for the most part. Not to mention roundly misunderstood as to the overall concern and out come in the long run.

  Witch I can't rule out having spurred and/or designed this recent... Episode of visions/mirages or dream.  While tryin to come up with a closing exit to put this slightly pealed onion to bed. I couldn't get it right. So I took to wing to clear me head. So there I be wingin' about mindin' me own bizness in a midnight sky. Then it happened. It's been awhile. But outta nowhere an abrupt turbulence, a quick plink out and on of the stars. And then there I was. On the threshold of a past or a present or even an as yet to be sight. Yep you guessed it!


 A Black Bird Time Flight



  This happens to go back a ways though. A whole generation for starters. I found me self flyin' over a row of tenement house's somewhere in Bklyn. All in the first stages of decline. From the look of things. I can roughly make out it bein' the late 30s or early 40s. It's about this time of year of a late mourning and very gray rainy day. My Black Bird vision zooms in on three kids sitting on the bottom staircase of this 8 apartment house. Board as hell. There was Nora. About 8 yrs old. Her brother Billy and  a friend Tommy both about 10.  Nora and Billy lived on the top floor. Three flights up. Tommy lived across the street. Just then Miss so and so who lived on the second floor had come from the supermarket with arms full of big wet paper bags. To which Billy and Tommy readily helped load her bags into the Dumbwaiter. These were back in the day a wooden compartment about 3 feet square in a shaft fixed to a pulley system. Used to hoist numerous and/or heavy packages up to ones hallway floor. As well as lowerin' things such a trash down to the celler. Seein' as how there was no elevator and all. This came in pretty handy as you can see. So after that was done. They resumed bein' boared on this all day rainy day.




  Well kids will be kids as they say. And it wasn't long till one of them got the notion to go for a ride in said Dumbwaiter. On the sly of course. Which added to the mischief of the endeavor. No for the record thses Dumbwaiters in many cases weren't in the best repair. In fact they were soon to fall into total disuse. Removed or walled/sealed off.  So Tommy wanted to go first So he got in and Billy and Nora sent him up ever so slowly and silently. First to the 2nd flr. then all the wau up. Then Billy took his turn. All was goin' just splended so far. That is till it was Nora's turn. Billy had to coach her along some, but she got in and up she went. That is till she reached the 2nd floor where upon openin' the door. Standing there was Old man Mr Bennie the crab ass himself. Who came a hollerin' whenever the kids would come a bounding down the stairs like wild horses. Well was his lot. He hollered at her to get the hell outta there. Loudly so as he helped her climb out.

  Hearing him givin' his little sister the riot act. Bill scewed up his nerve and went up the one flight to get her outta there somehow. Tommy just took off. What a pal. Well Bennis was in a kinda rage and Nora began cryin' when he got there Miss so and so had come out and made Billy take his sister away as she tried to calm Bennie down. Well Billy couldn't stop Nora from running up stairs to tell their Mom. Now Mrs Mackenzie wasn't one to boast of her youngins as sweet little angels. Most likely she'd scold them twice as much as old man Bennie had. That is untill she noticed three finger marks on Nora's arm where Bennie had held her while climbing out of the danm dumbwaiter. Well that was a horse of another color. With that she undid her apron a made for the door and down the stairs to give old man Mr Bennie a piece of her mind and then some. Not answering her heavy knocking. She proceeded to yell her version of the riot act. Most emphatically so along with a few poundings on the door.

  Well that was that and Nora and Billy got there share of it as well. Billy mostly you can surmise. That took place on Saturday and come Sunday mourning as Mom and the kids stepping down the stoop headed for Mass. A car pulls up in front and out steps old man Mr Bennie's midaged daughter and son. Well our Mrs Mackenzie wanted to inform them of the day B4. Not without some stern advice I might add. Which produced at first confused and somewhat bewildered expression on the two. That soon upon hearin' what they were bein' told led to a resentful  and matter of fact responce from Bennie's daughter. Which was as follows...

  She in no un-certain terms informed our Mrs Mackenzie that they had takened old man Bennie to her house on Friday past for a family weekend. That evening Bennie her father took ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. He had passed away sometime late Saturday mourning and her and her brother had come here to get some papers of his and his favorite blue suit to be burried in. Afterwards with keys in hand and a slight huff. She and her brother went on their grim way up to old man Bennie's Apt. Leavin Mrs Mackenzie in a rare state of humbled bewilderment. Had it not been for Miss so and so who confirmed what took place the day B4 she would have thought her young ones made it up. Barring that. She just took hold of them and without a word went off to mass.

  Later that day while cookin' supper. The kids doin' homework. A crashing commotion was heard out in the hall. Whitch upon investigatrion turned out to be that very same Dumbwaiter due to the pulley rope havin' had frayed over time and had just snapped. Sending the whole thing crashing all the way down the shaft. Four floors and to the celler and shattering into splinters.



  Well that was the end of that time flight. Well almost. I did tell all of you there would be a Twist to this and on a personal level as well. Well I wasn't foolin about that. So the thing of it is this. Had it not been for old man Bennie making a short but most timely last appearence on his way to his here after.  I may not have ever come to be here. You see because my benefactor behind the curtains over there. Who believes he commissioned this Black Bird to be the emcee for thoughts he won't take the blame for. Well he happens to be the Grandson of our Mrs Mackenzie. And the wee ones Nora and Billy his Mom and Uncle Bill.

 And that my fine ghost buster friends brings to a close this Time Flight. That may or may not have been brought about by the mysterious workings of the...


Yours Truely


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Comments (5)

  1. morningafter7

    What a cool story, blackbird! Gave me the goose bumps for sure!

    April 03, 2017
    1. macabre360

      To us on this side of line indeed. I think not so much for that miss so and so who lived in the apt next to old Bennie. As the story goes on,,, Upon learnin’ how it went down. She packed a suitcase and went to live with relatives. Leavin’ everything to them to pack and move to a new place when found.

      April 10, 2017
  2. wonderwall79

    Argghhhh indeed very intriguing tale from a noble creature, yes isn’t life trivial sometimes and thinks happen as they do or should for a higher purpose I suppose as I swig down the last of me whiskey and feel enriched for reading one of your famed tales black bird
    Doffing me hat

    April 09, 2017
    1. macabre360

      I really appreciate you flyin’ through this flight back in time wonderwall. True stories these Time Flights of mine be. As I fly casually. They come to me randomly you see. Casting me over skies visualize scenes and happenings from the vault of some kinda cosmic memory. Visions of then, now and yet to be.

      April 09, 2017
      1. wonderwall79

        The honour lies with with me black bird indeed it does

        April 10, 2017