Gazing back a ways...

Gazing back a ways...

Hey everyone.
  So I'm perched here lookin' in on me so called benefactor. Who still thinks he pulls all my strings around here. He doesn't! But we'll let him go on thinkin' that all same. Far be it for a Bird like me to go around shatterin' one belief in self aye. So there he be. Tryin' to come up with some kinda OSW posts. I'll just sit back and see what he comes up with. Care to join me...
  Rember this handy old school combination can and bottle opener? Growin' up so many moons ago. There always was one or two layin' in the spoons and forks draw. Remember the actual tin cans and pre-twist off bottle caps it was used for? While we're at it. Are there any of you out there who perhaps may not know exactly how this now opsolete utensil works? Show of hands please. Ah I see one hand half up. I also see a few faces with that I haven't a clue look on 'em. Believe me, if you where sent back to their time of use. You'd figure it out in a snap.

  Ok how about this. As I was thinkin' of what else I can slap up here. It occurred to me that back then. Plastic bags weren't invented yet. We always had those browm paper bags for the groceries and stuff. There was plastic but no one thought of makin' bags of it yet. OK speakin' of the brown paper bags. Who remembers when they wrote on them with that pencil they always had sittin' on up there on their ear. The price of all the goods and added 'em all up? And let us no forget havin' a big bag of grogeries held in each arm and gettin' caught in a heavy rain.  That was always an experience in duckin' in and out of doorways. You would be lucky to make it all way home in one piece.

  Also thinkin' back to when he was just a boy. He would sit out on the fire escape and just listen to his big brother's transiter radio. It was about the size of a tissue box and only played AM. FM. was still a bit down the road a bit. Any way he remembers lookin' out over the other roof tops at all the TV. antennas stuck up on them.


Thinkin. back on that he thought of how we progressed so far from then. Just by lookin' out his 3rd floor windows today he can see just how far. Because where there once were TV antennas. There now stands planted in their place....



 Well folks I guess that says it all.

So  for this Old School Wednesday.

All this Black Bird can say about it is...

Evolution is a hell of a thing.

Don't ya think?

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Comments (7)

  1. morningafter7

    This is SO cute black bird, and so are you! By the way, a couple people in my neighborhood have gone back to antennas. I also remember the “only AM” radios. In fact, my first car (a ‘68 Ford Fairlane) only had AM. That was in the 80’s and the kids at school called it a “grandma” car, but it was a fastback and actually very sporty so they didn’t know what they were talking about!

    March 01, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Yes and the thing about the radio then was there was only 2 rock & roll stations over here. and they were mostly bubble gum, pop Motown and the classics that we refer to them today as. Witch started getting things up and running for what was to come.
      And I’m sure we sat or leaned against many a granny car like that one back in the streets of bklyn and others of that elk. Only they be new cars then and made a handy bench substitute. Strange to say but as I get older. The less I’m interested in TV. and movies. Save for the ones I can watch with the wee ones.

      March 02, 2017
  2. Somnium

    Hey! I still have one of those openers on my fridge

    March 01, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Funny you sayin’ so Som. That’s mainly what got me to do this post. I see many these enjoyin’ a second life as fridge magnets. We wont find them in that kitchen draw anymore. But they still manage to be in the kitchen somewhere all the same.

      March 02, 2017
  3. tiggers

    Awesome post my best pal Blackbird

    March 02, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Awe you know me T. Just a old schooler from the old school.

      March 03, 2017
  4. wonderwall79

    Well what do we have here Old school is the best school.
    Yes I recall those can openers or contraptions.
    The radio what a magnificent invention that was, my first car was a fiat and only had an old radio but good enough to still hear the beat of music out of it.
    The antenna I recall my brother standing on the roof top with me yelling from the ground , left, no more, more!
    Wait go back right.!!
    This would of cause start a heated argument of who was to blame on getting the perfect picture just right.!!
    Then of cause whenever a sports game or programme was on late and strong winds would belt the antenna around and the picture would fade out we’d race to the roof to try and salvage the sports game or programme
    Them were the days black bird gone but never forgotten!!
    Always love a walk down memory lane

    March 08, 2017