Avian War. Part six of seven:

 B4 we fly on to this next to last laboriously long winded flight. I have to beg your indulgence in a short visual sidestep. Bare with me please. Clear your mind for a sec and picture a plain silver chain that one wears around their neck. OK now see a round silver metal struck in the image of a full moon. Now see engraved on the left half a Raven's left wing. Ok just enpress it upon your minds eye Got it, Ok thats all. I thank you all most kindly. Alright let us pick it up were we left off shall we.....


The Dawning


 By way of a spell cast from hell. For witch King Vulture paid for quite well. Cloking this Killing Zone. Knowin' some dark enchantment was blindin' them from the battle. Only through Willow and Som as unwitting transmitters. Tapping their subconscious and thus dimming their focus of each to their present surroundings in the process. Come what may were able to hone on them to the general area. Patroling along a massive aerial grid. Searchin' for an entrance. Twas the collective deep sorrow of all channeled through the tears of ones heart yet so young. That provided the needed third point. To Triangulate-Locate and in one whole fell swoop. Penetrate and Infiltrate. This hidden killin' zone of hate. They like all the others were transported through hell's gate.
 As Som. F'walker and Willow raise their arms up in the air. All turn around and not for the first this day nor the last. Their eyes go wide. Their jaws drop open agape to see where once the sky was filled with Ravens and Crows. Now on the right, thousands upon thousands of ravenous Falcons. To the left, thousands upon thousands of vengeful Hawks. Rising and spreading in the middle. Thousands upon thousands of every feather and stripe of Eagles. All of a single mind. A thirst for blood. Awestruck at their change of luck. From all the women a cascade of deadly things clamor to the ground at their feet. Daggers and single and double shot derringers. An ice pick, knives and razors. Left and right brass knuckles with razor sharp 2" claws attached. A whip and a bunch of vials of some kinda deadly liquid. A few short fused sticks a dynamite. A high tech slingshot with poison pellets and even a jungle machete. After not one double take but two and three even. Tim for the life of him couldn't imagine how these lovely ladies managed to conceal such a cache of love charms. But from deep inside it give him waves of pride at such a sight. Knowin' these ladies of such brave and loyal character. Had absolutly no intention of goin' quietly into that long dark night.
 Struck with terror seein' his certain doom. King Vulture turned tail to flee. As all the rest of his doomed minions made ready to follow right behind he. When Tim shouted out laud... "Not On My F'ing Watch You Bag Shit Feathers."  As everyone looked on. He raised Wondewall's winchester to eye level. Squeezed the trigger and let loose a shot that seem to slow time down. As that bullet ripped past the lot of them watchin' there. Catchin' that vulture three feet in the air. Severing his tail bones and sendin' him tumblin' to the ground. Crippled and in extreme agony. The wretch with one wing scratchin'the dirt for purchase like a one arm breast stroke. Still tried to crawl away. Then time snapped back to a much quickening pace.
 Seein' their royal king crawlin' in the dirt. Pigion, Buzzard and Vulture in a every bird for its self panic. Take to the sky. To no avail. For this dawn will have its day. Without fail. As our intrepid eleven see the filthy hords flee for their lives. A mamouth gust of wind just shy of a typhoon falls down upon them. As the grey sky above them nearly goes all dark as Falcons, Hawks and Eagles soar over them in persuit of their prey. Such is rush ou wind that if forces all of them to hunker down flat on the ground. As the whirlwind of countless wings takes up all the dirt. All the bloody carcasses. All the dismembered wings and things in a maelstrom not unlike a roaring desert sand storm. Coverin' themselves in a close bunch as they get pelted from every direction by the bitting sand blasting. They can't look up to see but they can just barely hear over the howlin' roar. The last terrifying screams of the pigions, buzzards and vultures just as they are bein' run down  and ripped to pieces. Another sound that none of them will ever be able forget for as long as they live. Then what felt to be an eternity of tornado porportions. Was actually just several minutes. When suddenly all went deathly silent. Save for the still swirling but slowly settling soil fallin' from on high.


The Afterwoe


 Rizing from a mound they were nearly burried under. Brushin' off and lookin' all around able to see barely five yards in front of them. But more than enough to know that the entire terrain had been swept bare of everything that just moments had been there. Well almost all that is.


 Mmmm.... Did you hear that? It sounded like a moan. whispered Boops. Oooooohhhh... Now that was definitely a groan. As all looked in the direction a off to their right. They saw a figure bent over and on one knee. Tim and Som ran right to him. each takin' hold of a arm and stood none other than that cowpoke himself Wonderwall on his feet. Still dazed as they brushed him off. All saw that the wounds had nearly all healed. Just slight remnants remained as thought they happened weeks ago. His cloths too were no longer tattered and torn. Comin' around and lookin' at Tim and then at Somnium. He says your still here. Placin' his hat on his head. Ma7 says... Nice of you to drift by cowboy. Ma7 you too. Yes cowboy we're all here. Wonderwall seein' the joy on their faces at seein' him alive and quite well at that. Feelin' yahoo and I told ya so about to come on when he also sees tears that had and/or were about to fall. Then recollection set in.

 Wonderwall. said Eyevey. We di... Hold up Eyevey. I know. He said. Lookin' at them. He asks where? Followin' their gaze to the left. He hears Firewalker's sobs muffled by her face pressed in Q'moms shoulder who held her softly. Boops and cj barely holdin back their own tears right next to them. All just a step behind Shadow storm and Tiggers. Who were sitting with their hands folded and heads down in solemn silence.


 Removing his hat ,he slowly steped up behind them. Kneein' down to one knee between them and looked over their shoulders. What he saw wasn't the warrior bird he saw King Vulture had killed and dropped to the ground llike a disregarded ragdoll. What he was seein' and bein' confused by was just a little dead bird no bigger than his fist of disarayed black feathers. Standin' up and lookin' at all the others who had gathered around and said... I don't understand. Where is he and who is that?

 Shadow storm stood up and told him... This is he Wonderwall. All there really ever was all along and alway be. What we knew in our heart from the start and what everyone came to know. Now you know too. Ok, you wanna run that by me again. I musta miss something. Cause I don't know what ya talkin' 'bout.  exclaimed Wonderwall.


 Tiggers looks up and says to him... First a foremost  Wonderwall he always wished to be and did project  that slick and mysterious Raven like that certain one of yore. He was when called for able to project himself as a crow and a few other things. Even although infrequently. A human. Bewildered, Wonderwall knelt to one knee again as he felt his heart begin to ache. Tiggs continued... All that has been born away now as you can see. All that left us is what he always was and aways be. Just a little black bird who meant no harm. Only wishin' to be someting a little more than just that and a little special to some one. Anyone. I always thought he had a way about him. Never could I have imagin it to turn out this way. Just a little black bird lying there. Mortally broken beyond repair.



 Standin' in silence for a moment till Cj said... I have a feeling we're going to be leave this God forsaken place soon. I don't think we can take him with us for some reason. We can't just leave him here. What should we do? asks Boops. I feelin' something funny. Do any of you feel it too? asks EyeVey. Just then a low static charge went through the air around them Causing the hair on the arms to stand and the hair ontheir heads to rse up a some.  Now what? asked Q'mom. As in answer, just over the body where black birde lay. Something like an electrical crackle filled the air. Then an expanding oval of soft but entence light formed. Like the glow of a full moon from the ground up to about six feet. As all had to kinda shade their eyes with their hands. It suddenly just burst into a cascade of clittering moon dust. Revealing a vision that flat out mesmerized everyone as well as kinda paralyzed them too.


 As they watched two large wings. Feathers white as fresh snow. Opening and atatched to not a angel. Surely not. But a strange surreal woman right out of a dream fantasy. Looking down at the little black bird with such sad compassion. They all knew who she was. Black Bird's lover through countless life times. His eternally betrothed. The one and only mystical and beautiful singing dream.


The Siren.



Bearing a special message of a spell binding cast.

Perhaps her very last.

~ ~ ~

(Our Grand Finally soon to follow) 


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Comments (10)

  1. Somnium

    what a story! You have outdone yourself with this one!

    May 12, 2017
    1. macabre360

      And did meself in as well. Now the time comes to cast the 2nd part of the spell. A spell already in motion. Inside and outside from here to you and the rest out there. The 3rd part… well you’ll see.

      May 13, 2017
  2. dopesleeper

    I think you’re just short of genius. You remind me of William Blake. It’s like you have your own language. It just needs formatting to make it and easier to read, like stanzas. Two thumbs up!

    May 14, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Well just short of genius works for this bird alright. Considerin’ before fallin’ into this site. Me formal academic credentials consisted of a one or two paragraph letter. And short ones at that. And on top of that. I do it all with the tip of my beak. That’s gotta be wert a anotha half thumb aye. C’mon whatta say …

      May 14, 2017
      1. dopesleeper

        All right, 2.5 thumbs up for beak writing!

        May 17, 2017
    2. macabre360

      Wait a sec.. William Blake you say? Well that’s damn nice of you to say. Thank you very much.

      May 17, 2017
      1. dopesleeper

        You’re welcome.

        May 17, 2017
  3. wonderwall79

    The rise and fall of wonderwall,
    certainly a spin that left me with a grin.
    A story filled of intrigue from a bird born of noble creed.
    Worthy of a movie this story dare I say
    Oscar worthy too if I had my way.
    Can’t wait for part seven greeting us all an angel from heaven
    You have my vote 10/10

    May 14, 2017
  4. morningafter7

    I am transfixed! Also more than happy to see Wonderwall’s return! But what about you, blackbird? Has your Siren come to claim what is hers now? Can’t wait to see.

    May 17, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Well in a sense. In the final part ‘Concludes’. She pretty much lays it all out on the line. It’s in your hands now as to what becomes of Black Bird and her as well. Your part of the spell now. She needs you and at least 4 more to complete it. Wonderwall did his part. There’s no rush. We have all eternity.
      It’s boils down to a choice twix Forevermore or Nevermore. You’ll see.

      May 17, 2017