Avian War. Part five:

Death Reigns Suprime

In Spades



 Rendered speachless. As the realization sinks in of what they all heard comin' across and over the chaos. Causin' our remaining eleven to draw close. Although they still seem to be screened by an as yet still churning and turning of feathers, wings and other things. They know the configuration is winding down. As there looks to be less and less black feathers and wings and things in the mix. Which can only mean their valiant warriors one and all have done all they can and now the end is near. None can deny their mounting fear. Yet all are of a single resolve to make their last stand together right here.
 What had taken place beyond their view. On the other side. Was Black Bird and the remaining few. Carrying out a withering last stand of attrition. As King Vulture and his accompanying murderin' crew descend in a small clearin' off to the side. Black Bird sees him and breaks away to take him on. Just as Wonderwall tumbles through at the same time ten or so yards to the left. All the while swatting at and coverin' up as best he can from a frenzy of pigions and buzzards darting at him from all directions. Having spent the last his bullits as a hail of oversized vultures all rolled in a bunch fall upon him forcing him to his knees and then to the ground. He sees Black Bird pretty bloodied up just he as was squaring off in a duel to the death with King Vulture.  Knowin' in his heat of hearts. He and his ebony partner had next to nothing if anything at all left.

 Black Bird with one wing hangin' bloody and lame made ready to make a run at his foul foe. Only to be blindsided by one of King Vulture's crew from above and behind slamin' Black Bird in the back. Sending him sprawling flat to the ground nearly out cold. Barely able to roll on to his side when King Vulture swooped down on him. Clutchin' him in a death grip with both his rotten claws. Takin' him up about a dozen feet. As Wonderwall feelin' his own life draining away. With a desperate push up and roll. Half freein' himself enough to get to his knees. Only to see King Vulture snap Black Birds back and then drop him like a rag doll to the ground. With a yell that was heard to the very depths of hell. Wonderwall let out from his very soul NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... As the swarm descended all over him. With his last ounce of strenth. He reached for that bowie knif and let it fly dead at the filthy winged bastard's heart. As he succumbed to the dark. Never knowin' if that deadly blade found its mark.
 So too the rest of the ravens and crows fighting to the death to the last now fell. Followed with a deathly silence and nothing but the slow settling of so much soil, dust and dirt that had been drawn up in the surounding air up there. Waving his remaining two and a quarter ranks to gather on the ground. King vulture with the whole of his top fighting force. Headed through the still thick fog toward Black Birds last eleven comrades. For his victorious coup de grace in this spewed with the bloody carnage throughout this hellish place.



 As the silence fell. Heart sick knowin' they'd lost two of their own. Our resolute eleven see the shadows of what they till now hoped against hope would never come about. As now it would soon be clear without a doubt. They'd be face to face with that malignant victor of this horror and disgrace. Alone. As S. Storm, Tiggs and Cj stand in the center flanked by EyeVey, Boops and F'walker and Som on the left. Q'mom, Ma7. Willow and Tim on the right. Just a few feet before them He came into full view flanked by his most depraved killers. Standing at the edge of a carpet of blood and feathered guts. King Vulture. In all his gory glory. Except for the handle of W'walls blade stuck in his blood dripping uper wing with the blade  showin' through the inside. Also drippin' blood. Where is Black Bird and Wonderwall? Shouted Tiggs. As the others all stood in stout defiance. Ahhh... So here we have his human lot. Not to worry. You'll all be joinin' your vaunted bird and foolish drifter soon enough. But not before we have a little cellarbration. There'll be no cellarbration you filty cretin save over your dead carcass. Stated S. storm. Ahh now such flatery will only earn you first place in the pecking order of my favorite reign danse of pain. But first! Let us pay tribute to our guest of honor.
 Seein' them lookin' at his wounded wing. He says... As for your hero cowboy. As you can see. Close but no cigar. Turnin' his jaggared beak and pullin' out that bloody blade. He flings it to the left about ten feet scatterin' several of his sidekicks to reveal layin' face down. The tattered and somewhat blood splattered over coat and hat covered head of their lifeless Gunslinger.



"YOU BASTARD" screamed Ma7 fallin' to her knees hands over her face. As the others look on then turn away in sudden heartbroken grief. Now never mind him. He shouldn't had crashed the party is all I can say for the fool. Let me assure you. You'll envy him by the time I get through with all of you. As they all look back at him with a burning hate. With glee he says... Now for the start of the festivities. Steppin' aside and presenting with is bloody wing. I give you the guest of honor. There on the ground with feathers disarayed in all directions tinged in red. Wings broke and bent in right angles upon a body layin' in a most un-natural and disturbing possition. Black Bird. Mercifully dead.


 All in heartwrencing shock nearly fall to their knees at this awful sight. In a screamin rage of sheer anguish. Firewalker makes a mad ran at the Vulture king. Only to be scooped off her feet at the waist. Still kickin' and screamin' in the arm of Somnium. Who at that moment as well as Willow awoke from some faraway trance. Now with a clear look of bein' in the know of something miraculous. Now in a near faint he hands F'walker to Boops and Q' mom and walks up face to face with king Vulture. Who says... Nice of you to join us poet. I'm especially gonna enjoy slowly strippin' your flesh from bone. I think not you feathered scum of hell. You and your fiendish creed will come to a end this day Vulture. Proclaimed Som.
 Dream on poet. While you watch your dear ones here and beyond beg for mercy. Which will not be forthcoming. Willow now standing at Soms side says.. You count your feathers too soon dirt bag. Your enchanted cover has been pierced. You'll have nowhere to run nor hide. Enough of this. Time for the fun to begin the Vulture says as he and his horde start approching and our resigned eleven brace to face what they believe their grim fate. Save for Willow Somnium and now Firewalker now also clear as a bell standing fast. While just behind the rest. Tim slowly fingers the trigger of Wonderwalls winchester still concealed behind his back.
When he and all the rest heard Som bellow out...

Behold you wretched turd of a bird
Come what may has now arrived
And with seething vengence
Your fate they will decide

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Comments (9)

  1. tiggers

    Tiggers is heart broken too

    May 07, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Yes and still one more long leap yet to go. As the cast and task thickens to the last.

      May 08, 2017
  2. wonderwall79

    Well dear I say it, I like how I went down in a flurry of defiance, epic truly epic my feathered friend to the end we be but I gather there’s still pages of this epic tale to be told, I hope, tiggs, MA7, SS, som, fire walker, boops, Tim, Qmom, eyevey, cj and willow
    Kill feathered arse!!!

    May 08, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Oh there still be a killin’ in sight. Tis the balance of living that’s yet to be put right. Which is not altogether within me wings. That me gunslinger friend is in the hands of others as well as She who sings.

      May 08, 2017
      1. wonderwall79

        Well the posse you painted is for sure
        No other like it that’s come before
        Tis an honour to stand with and along
        To help shape the rights and wrongs
        A merry group of the highest degree
        Your next conclusion I’ll wait and see

        May 08, 2017
  3. morningafter7

    NOOOOOOO!!!! I will take him out myself if I have to!!! This can’t have happened!

    May 09, 2017
    1. macabre360

      It has indeed. Though what happens from here as we will see. Shifts over to all of you. With the help of someone as yet only heard and told of often enough. But never actually seen in person. Well we’ll just have to wait and see…

      May 10, 2017
  4. Somnium

    Didn’t see that one coming, but knowing you a twist may be in sight

    May 12, 2017
    1. macabre360

      A twist indeed. As well as a switch soon to proceed.

      May 13, 2017