An Impromptu Time Flight


Un Boged?

 I don't know gang, sometimes a thing of some sort just kinda dawns on me or more like strikes me outta the blue it would seem. Like just this this mornin' while singin'in the shower. It occured to me that the song I was nonchalantly butcherin' was a song that speaks to me on duel levels. One of decades ago when it first came out and now on this end of the spectrem.  Back then when I was young and at the threshold of life. I thought/feared it may and could pertain to my olderself at the crowning last stages of this life should I may actually live long enough for it to become my reality. You see back then the future was anything but certain for most of us. Nothing like the sure, safe and clear way things stack up these days.

 Of course anything can happen to life anywhere along this trip. But so far a pensive and somewhat solemn thought from long ago in my youth hasn't come about as yet. The song is Aqualung by Jethro Tull. Pretty much put the band on the map at it were when it first came out. I was listening to my transistor radio with the one earpug that came with it in bed. I did that alot back then into the wee hours as well. So this song was gettin' a lot of play on WNEW FM and as I got the jest of it. I imagined the poor old sod to be me. I got me self quite sad and sorry for me self. Which was silly I admit and it pass on soon enough and all. As so many youthful thoughts are apt to do. The thing that lingered for a while was this desire to acknowledge that sorry forsaken soul of mine in its  last days. I don't know.... maybe perhaps to say I'm sorry I let it all wind up like this. To some how let me self know I'm with him. So that maybe he/I wouldn't feel so completely and utterly alone. Not to mention shunned and pretty much dispised all around.

"Salvation a la mode and A cup of tea.

Aqualung my friend. Don't start away uneasy.

You poor old sod. You see it's only me."



Black Bird


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Comments (1)

  1. wonderwall79

    Can’t say I’ve heard this before.!!
    but I feel it’s message like a residue of a tune many moons ago that rattled through the trees and rippled the ponds in my pastures but I can’t recall its name.
    Oddly I can recall how it made me feel, oops perhaps ive had a whiskey too much or not enough
    Good day sir always an honour

    October 29, 2016