Adult A Wholesome 3 Scoop Sundae

A Wholesome Triple Play Sundae


Oh well whats a Bird to say

A saint I aint nor an angel I

Flyin' though this triple play

I'm sure you'll see why.

Fast women and fast cars and Rock & Roll.



Loungin' in dreamy girlie bars with a uplifting floor and inspiring stage show.



Warms a Birds blood & mind and heart & soul. 


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Comments (5)

  1. morningafter7

    Nicely done, black bird…a little somethin’ for everybody here! ;-) And wow..Highway Star and those sweet cars (you may not have noticed them, lol)!

    January 09, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Oh I noticed ‘em alright. You mentionin’ Deep Purple got me started thinkin’ about beautiful cars. That in turn got me to thinkin’ about how beautiful flat out, hands down beauty really is. It kinda just took off from there. I guess…

      January 09, 2017
  2. wonderwall79

    Well the ice cream sundae got this outlaw off his steed quicker than you can say Geronimo!!!!
    Arrrghhhh the pleasures of the eyes and the flesh!!!
    Married with children a classic amoung the greats
    Now you have me confused if I was back in the Wild West is not be sure of how best to spend my $2
    On something cold and sweet or…….
    On something warm and sweet
    Nodding my brim in much respect!!!

    January 09, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Yes I sorta felt that things needed a left around here lately. A little something to raise the spirits up.
      You know what I’m sayin’ partner. Rise high and fly. That’s what this bird talkin’ bout.

      January 09, 2017
  3. wonderwall79

    I hear you loud and clear pard loud and clear

    January 11, 2017