Adult A Rejoiner to a Statement of the Day

A Rejoiner to a Statement of the Day


I decided to rummage through me attic of my nest.

Just to clear out some of half done seemed like a good idea at the time posts. For what its worth. Here is one of them.



 Of course broadly speaking. I'm taking total diversity as in anything goes. Witch is bound I think to cross lines that just can't help clashing. And by total conformity as in walking the chalk line to the point of being no more than preprogramed robots. With no real thoughts or will of our own.


 OK now, here is where my point of view and view point get fucked up. As far as diversity along the lines of how much aweful shit is and has been goin' down and on. I fear diversity on that front hasn't found it's own level/limit yet. To check that. We kinda draw back in a bunker stance bristling with all manner of forward obsevation. Along with deadly force to draw that line. And by extension through restrictions. Apply and or force said line ever more tightly. As to how tight. Well you get my drift don't ya.

 So you as humans that is. Bein' the principal antagonist in this. Are left to your own devices witch as yet happen to still be hellbent on finding their own level/limit. Because of and/or inspite of the others. Regaurdless. So as I see it, and much more darkly these days than days past. That this has been the case now for as long as anyone can say. With many periods of high destructive entensity and lower levels of madness that go on undercover. That is till they too in turn bubble over.


 Well this all has been hashed and rehashed many times over I know. The thing now is. Seein' all this goin' on in my time here. Knowin that its been goin' on long before me. Now that I have my own fledglings who themselves have fledgings of their own to see it through. Who have to contend with all this. I've begun to ask meself if there even is, let alone a workable balance that can be found and struck between the two conflicts of 'Diversity vs Conformity' anytime soon or sometime after me.


 Well all.  I just don't know. Maybe 'cause I'm just this o' black bird ruffling me own feathers or what but... I don't have an answer for that.


 Black Bird

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Comments (3)

  1. morningafter7

    Well, I don’t know black bird. I dislike the idea of conformity in general because I believe too many people are what you said – robots – believing what they are told and not thinking for themselves. On the other hand, when you mention diversity, I think of immigrants coming to this country which is already very diverse in that sense – with people of many different nationalities. And then I think that there are definitely certain laws and ideals which a person should “conform” to in order to live peacefully in a society. BUT that doesn’t mean that they need to conform in the first sense we talked about – they should definitely still think for themselves and have their own ideas about things.

    February 16, 2017
    1. macabre360

      Well yes I agree. Part of the problem I think is diversity though preferable is kinda messy by nature. Conformity kinda smacks of control but seems to go along straight lines. Neat but seemingly narrow.

      February 17, 2017
      1. morningafter7

        I think you described both perfectly. “Messy by nature” is exactly right in regard to diversity since humans themselves ARE messy by nature. People would do well to realize that we all have more in common than we think.

        February 17, 2017