A Dedication to wonderwall79 Post

The best comment I can think of to wonderwalls post the Highwaymen



I did a posting of two lovers who meet their fate before they had a chance to consummate

Ah.. but the true love and passion of the Heart & Soul would not be denied

As often in the still of a night their Spirits rendezvous and continue to fulfill thier date

And on such a still night throughout the ages by like hearted lovers

The shadows of their eternal romance can be spied

Black Bird

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Comments (1)

  1. wonderwall79

    Good sir my hat tipped in the most humbled way.
    I am indebted to you black bird I enjoyed that video.
    I have long held that poem dear to me.
    Forbidden love I know it well
    I thank you good sir tipping my hat as I Trott out of town with a deep appreciation of knowing you my feathered friend

    November 24, 2016